Staff Hotel is a business belonging to
Grupo Constant


Why Staff Hotel?

By outsourcing all of your services to Staff Hotel

Increasing profit and productivity:

In a sector with constantly changing demand, we convert fixed costs into variable costs which reflect real occupancy rates which, in turn, maximise competitiveness.

Maximum service quality:

Staff Hotel is ISO 9001certified as issued by AENOR ( hotel hygiene) and guarantees maximum … regarding Health & Safety regulations ( Security and Hygiene).

Optimum price-quality equation:

Staff Hotel offers you a price per room which guarantees your company maximum cost-effectiveness.

Innovation and technology:

Staff Hotel employs the best products and technology in the sector resulting in an excellent service and the ability to resolve any unforeseen incident which might occur.


Staff Hotel belongs to Grupo Constant consortium and therefore enjoys a proven solvency reputation within the outsourcing, agency staff, services and training sectors..


We are present throughout mainland Spain and the islands with over 40 offices. Internationally, we are also represented in the Check Republic and Portugal.

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